Exhibition ART'EffecT

From 13/12/2014 to 07/02/2015 at 00:00

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By December 13, I will be exhibiting in the Restaurant Senso alongside Ken Marceau Nakayama (painting) and Valentin Toupar (drawing) around a theme both involving and opposing the nature and the city, through lines, reflections, transparencies. ART'EffecT, it is the effects on art of artifacts, artificial elements on organic elements. We will exhibit each ten works divided into 3 periods for the entire duration of the exhibition. A new facility to discover every 2 to 3 weeks.

Here are the photographs I will be exhibiting:

WTC Memorial 2

WTC Memorial 2 - 53x40

Les hélices

Les Hélices - 53x40

Naturel superficiel

Naturel Superficiel - 53x40

Lego 1

Légo 1 - 53x40

Reflets d'immeuble 2

Reflets d'immeuble 2 - 40x53

La Porte Bleue

La Porte Bleue - 40x53

Rainy UK

Rainy UK - 40X53

Barbican 06

Barbican 06 - 53x40

Barbican 01

Barbican 01 - 40x53

Glass Puzzle

Glass Puzzle - 40x53

La Voie

La Voie - 40x53

Pier en ruines 2

Pier en ruines 2 - 80x60

Affiche art effect 2 http://lesensorestaurant.free.fr/lesensorestaurant/LE_SENSO.html