Egrégor, whose real name is Johan-Bastien Polle, lives in Picardie region, which is important to him. The remarkable skies, forests and its important heritage lead to his first love to architecture and sculpture, his passion materialized in acquiring the Pavillon Henri II. This assembly forms the envelope in which this photographer works, with a honest and deep approach.

As a teenager, he feels attracted to photography, which is accentuated after a course of art history in graduate school. If the premises are born around 1999, the mastery of techniques becomes solid in 2007. Then germinate early works. The real inspiration, hatched in 2011.

"What is most agreeable to me in photography is the relative perception I have of things that surround me."

No frills, but also without minimalism, photos of Egregor offer another reading of our daily lives, our immediate environment. Through details of the realilty, the focus made on almost insignificant element and penetrating vision of the artist, an intense spiritual beauty is created. His photographs compel us to better perceive our place between micro and macrocosm. These dimensions induce another recurring theme, time.

It is in the paintings of Georges de Latour, Caravaggio, Rembrandt that he envisages light, it is in those of Turner he finds infinity of possibilities.  

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